• What happened

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    I saw you at church. I was walking down the hallway and there you were. You didn’t even notice me. You didn’t even tell me that you were coming. When everyone greeted each other in the sanctuary you looked straight at me but I was too nervous to look at you so I looked at someone else and shook their hand. Then at potluck Sophia announced to everyone that guests go first. She pointed at you and you said you had been to this church a few times already. Why didn’t you tell me?! Then what really shocked me is that I found out from my friends that you have a girlfriend in Ohio! I was blown away! This whole time and you couldn’t tell me. I was serving food and you came to me and I asked if you wanted salad. You said yes and smiled at me. I couldn’t believe that you had been to my church and never told me! I want you to come again, but at the same time you have a girlfriend. Courtney wants to get you involved with the kids. You will probably turn down the offer. But I’m nervous just the same. Why couldn’t you have told me you had a girl? I feel so foolish now. Doesn’t even matter anyway I guess cause you never even glanced my way so u must not like me anymore. I’m pretty sure you will know who this letter is from. I hope that you will come back, but I’m not going to say it to your face.

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