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    I know you’ll never see this but thanks, because on the off chance you do, and on the even smaller chance that you realize that I’m referring to you, I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart, no the depths of my soul, maybe even the essence of my very being…I have to thanks you.

    It’s because of you that I’ve learned a very hard lesson today. I partially blame myself for believing in something that could never be, but it wasn’t until today that I learned the harsh reality of that and accepted it. You don’t know that I know, and maybe you never will, but you betrayed me and that’s the only thing I can’t, no, that I won’t forgive. I’m thanking you because the love that I felt for you can and will be given to to someone else who actually deserves it. I thought you had a chance to be special, and it would seem that I was unknowingly correct. I will never make this mistake again, so this is to you, Christina. I wish you nothing but the best, and I hope that the day never comes when you realise the true depths of your mistake, your dishonesty catches up with you and ultimately what you’ve taken for granted all this time.

    Thank you though. I will move on now and be stronger because of it.

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    1. Christina
      March 19, 2015 at 2:14 am

      As far as honesty and dishonesty are concerned, communication is necessary. Vague, defamatory assumptions on an anonymous website hardly qualify as sure signs of healthy communication in any type of relationship. Maybe it’s not a wild story imagined by you that’s driven Christina away, but a passive aggressive attitude towards her that’s evident even in this sarcastic “thank you” letter. She is probably the grateful one if this relationship is in its dying breaths, because, rather than dealing with a man who clearly has problems bringing up honest issues in a straightforward manner to the person being mentioned, she may be on her way to experiencing a meaningful relationship with a man who cares and shows that care by being both emotionally and physically available.

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