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    Now that u gone n I know u won’t b dropping by anymore 2 make sum random dish u dreamt about lol, I’m actually gona miss that when I go home … U r a Chef after all and u spoiled me with all the food u made…at least I learned how 2 make a few things from u, I think lol…

    U really showed me a different side 2 a lady,and it was so fascinating 2me that’s y ud always ask me y I’m laughn or smiling.. Becoz u were so easy always, nothing was ever a fuss or hassle…U dropped by whenever, ud come fetch me at the most random times 2do the silliest things…U would do things without me even saying.. I loved that! I’m so use 2 always spoiling others n doing the planing n askn,it was more than wonderful being spoiled 4 a change… I know u not a romantic n a affectionate person, n that’s ok.. Even tho most of the time we seemed like 2 friends hanging n I 4get u a girl.. Lol.. U played xbox with me til the early hours of the morning, Its not often that happens anymore..

    U never spoke much about feelings n u were definitely not the mushy type.. But my god u loved sex! Lol that’s 4 sure! I sometimes feel like u just used me to get laid n off u go.. What girl still does that? lol but what the hell there’s no strings attached, no emotions involved n no hearts were broken… And no1 knew about us, only me n u..no social media..

    Thank you 4 the short time we spent together n 4 making me feel like a king the way u cooked n baked 4 me… It was exactly the way I love it… I hope u upgrade ur phone soon atleast 2 this millenniums technology lol.. Not that u ever used it 2 sms me but its not a problem..

    All the Best in East London and kickass at what u do best 😉 Cheers lady… Goodbye

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