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    So iv read ur letter by chance, I usually never read other post. But thank you that was nice of u and I appreciate the well wishes n motivation. The pain is unbearable right now,but I’ll just reply to what u said…

    Its good 2hear u stil feel the same n that u still care.. Yes u right we have been through a lot and things have changed too.. I never expected things 2 remain the same always oh no I didn’t..We learn n make mistakes along the way n always look 4 ways 2 better ourselves right..

    U have changed, u might not notice it but I have..however I don’t complain about it all the time I try 2 adapt and understand rather. We both got hurt n our hearts broken. Its never easy 2 regain that same happiness and love back again. In fact its a chance 2 build something more wonderful again,Keeping in mind previous mistakes n wrong decision. I do not ask this from u, I’m just mentioning it 2u..

    I don’t think I need 2 tell u how I feel about u anymore,becoz u know that by now and iv said it 1 2many times..I will always care and love u and cherish what we had..

    There’s just 1 thing I disagree with..

    I don’t believe in the saying “if u love something/someone let it go”. Becoz when u really Love something/one ur natural instinct is 2 hold on 2it, cherish it, n never letit go. By telling urself u let it go, u do so foolishly and that thing or person u once loved is gone temporary or gone forever. Why would u wana risk that for a chance IF it might come back?Life is too short to chance things so meaningful..

    Just 4 the record… I would never just let u go,I will fight tooth n nail 4 u if it meant I should! I don’t let go just of those who I love so much,I fight till I have 2.

    That’s just who I am… I always thought we were the same in that sense,but I guess we not..


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