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    I sit back and observe every person in my life,whether we talk everyday or not.. I know who motivates me and who keeps it real.. I also know who talks about me behind my back. I know who I can trust n who I need 2 keep a distance with… Whether I say anything or let u b fake.. I know. Most people mistake my kindness 4 stupidity,but I leave them 2 expose their true colors..

    I’m strong and pretty much independent.. I do not necessarily need a woman 2 make me hole,although it will b nice 2 grow old with someone.. I’m complete content with being alone 4 now,because I am who I am.. I know I have 1 of the strongest and deepest loves a human being can offer.. And I will not settle 4 something temporarily, becoz I Deserve Loyalty and I Deserve Respect. I will not choose 2 settle until I get what I fully deserve.. No I will not choose 2 settle until I’m as happy with someone as they as Happy with me.. I will continue on this Journey soul searching,finding happiness and growing independently and when I FINALLY bump into U 4 taking the same path,I will ask u in a jokey way, but serious manor, What the Hell Took u soo Long??! Because in All Honesty uv been everything iv been Waiting For…


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