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    To the girl I once fall madly inlove with 4years ago…

    I miss that person so so much! More than iv ever missed anyone..she was just the most amazing,loving n happy girl I got to know..even the thought of her right now is making me smile so wide becoz I can remember clearly how happy she made me every single day..it was a feeling never 2 be forgotten!

    Besides us being inlove,she was my best friends,my sister,my doctor lol ,my chef, my wifey , my other half… There’s nothing we could not speak about.. We understood,supported n loved each other threw every obstacle we had..

    I remember how much she loved to laugh, n I always found her laugh super adorable! The way she giggled or how she snored when she laughed really loud! Lol I miss the manner she always spoke 2me n the way we sorted things out.. I miss having her option on things and always sharing any news with her 1st.. I miss her being the last part of my night and the 1st part of my day.. Everyday..

    She was my reason 2b happy ,n no1 could change that… No matter how angry I’d b she always knew just wot 2say n I’ll b ok like nothing happend..She was never angry, n the times she was we’d talk it threw n shed b back 2 her Wonderful jolly self again!

    I know this person will never come back again n Its not that I sit n dwell on the past wishing n wanting it back.. But Right Now this Moment I Miss her more than words could ever say!!!


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