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    Day 5 in hosp. (18:30)

    It feels like iv been here 4ever and I just wana go home already.. But the doctors r not pleased yet with my condition, and I’m still in alota pain… This is wear my patience gets tested 2 the max, hence y iv been writing so much its all I can do that keeps me busy…

    This is like starting a clean page 4 me… I still have 3 weeks to go to full a recovery.. It fuckn hurts to breath like shit dammit!!

    At least I can look 4ward to visiting hours to see who comes, even tho I can’t speak much becoz of this machine but its nice to see them.. There’s 1 person who kinda really disappointed me, she never made the effort to come see me not once… But she was soo “concerned n worried” about me… Its was all just a show 2 make it seem like she cares… WOMAN,I don’t need ur sympathy or ur pity.. Don’t feel obligated 2 care if u genuinely don’t…. Pretend somewhere else ok! I sure as Hell don’t have time 4 part- time people in my life! If its ur intention 2 play hard 2get or that I must contact u 1st always than u mistaken dear…. I frankly couldn’t give a shit now… !

    Don’t Waste my time, I have no idea how long iv been given on this Earth…!

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