• Where do I begin…..

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    I have so much to say but I am hesitant to write a letter (although anonymous) I still feel bashful writing it…..

    Wow, where to start..

    Since 2012 I first actually met you. It was shortly after knowing you that I fell in love with you. Vulnerably I put myself out on center stage and told you how I felt. That I had fallen in love with you.

    We cut communication…..

    2015 I still love you… people would say that as time goes on.. the heart heals.. Well, I guess it can but when you truly love someone as I love you… You don’t really recover and it doesn’t get easier. in fact… my heart aches more than ever. Time had past where I felt I would never see you again. not even around this tiny Island.

    My friend would see you or I’d pass you but not have enough time to register if it was you. Its a hard feeling to describe really.. The pain, the imprisonment it felt/feels like not having that availability to see you.

    Just recently I pretty sure it is you that I have seem. Never really got a look at your face… one time it was your backside I saw 😉 You were busy. Nice uniform by the way….

    Anyway, I just want you to know (if you come here?) I love you more than you can imagine.. It never died nor will it. You’ve have captured me in awe/heart-pounding when you are near and paralyzed by your piercing eyes. Like Sam Smiths song latch.. “how do you do it you got me losing every breath, what did you give me to make my heart beat out my chest.?”.. Can I lock in love. Love always, Tricia

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    1. Tricia
      March 13, 2015 at 12:46 pm

      Is this your real name? I’ve always wondered?

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