• Really?

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    Do you think it is some kind of sick joke writing to me on here when you could be saying this all to my face? That is what needs to happen. A guy who fights for his girl on an anonymous website is not really fighting for us at all. Man up and come out in the open about it!

    Now on another note my family is tough to please but they really just have the best in mind for me. Are u willing to take that leap because it’s going to be tough, especially with my friend. I know why I keep coming back to you. U never believed it when it was there. I was in love with you…still am. But I tell you I was ready to move on until I read your letter. Ready to accept that you had really gone from here.

    This is ridiculous really. We need to start talking in person instead of on this site. It’s obvious we both still have feelings for each other. I’d laugh if you were in the same state I was in right now. I’m opening up old wounds that have been closed. I don’t know why but after posting moving on on this site…bam! There was your letter.

    So if this is you then call me. We have a lot of catching up to do.

    Love, -A

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    1. @A
      March 13, 2015 at 8:50 am

      You’re right. And I do want to say everything I’ve said here and so much more to your beautiful face.

      But there’s a bit of the ‘fool me once’ principle at play here. The last time I contacted you was after the first time I found this site and felt you wrote to me here, and well I’m sure we both remember how that turned out. I don’t need any kind of assurance from you that the result will be different this time, I trust the sincerity of your words. But I don’t trust this site and its propensity for putting out exactly what you want to hear. I need independent confirmation so I know 100% this is really you.

      To that end, please unblock me on fb. If you do that I promise I won’t add you, message you, or write another letter here. I’ll call you and take it from there. I did delete your number after the last time I used it, but I could never bring myself to throw away the napkin you first gave it to me on 🙂

      You want me to take a leap of faith. I’m willing, but I’m asking you to take it with me. Together.


    2. Curious @ A
      June 26, 2015 at 1:11 am

      Did he ever call?

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