• I’m Sorry, I still love you.

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    Dear First Love,
    I remember seeing you on the first day. I remember your freckles, your topaz blue eyes, your smile and your small pink lips. I remember the way you’d always fix your hair, and all the tiny little qualities about you. At first, I didn’t think much of you, and we didn’t see each other until the next year.

    I was a foolish girl back then, a foolish girl who loved you. I was innocent, blind, yet you showed me so much, without even meaning too. You taught me that I am beautiful without any guy’s attention. I am smart, and that the right people will appreciate it. Most of all, you taught me that I was strong enough to let go, strong enough to move on with life, and strong enough find love again.

    You never loved me back, and I hold no anger towards you for that. I’m sorry for all of the negative feelings I caused, I’m sorry for all the annoyance you had to endure, and I’m sorry for mistreating you, because I know I did, and you never deserved anything like that. I’m so sorry.

    Thank you for being a present that I could open everyday. Thank you for letting me be in your life when you could’ve cut me out. Thank you for all the smiles you gave to me. Thank you for making me smile, cracking jokes, and for all the warm precious times we had together.

    I wish nothing but health, happiness, prosperity, good luck, and long life to you. I hope you find another girl who will love you the way you deserve. Never forget that you deserve everything and more. Never forget that you are amazing the way you are no matter what you do. Most of all, as long as you live, there will be someone that loves you and will be there for you. Even if you can’t see me, I’m there, never forget me, please.

    Does it still hurt to think about you? Yes, sometimes it hurts so much I can’t even move. Do I still miss you? Yes, more and more everyday. However, you taught me the meaning of love, and the meaning of strength. Thank you for everything, and goodbye my love. Until the next time we meet again.

    The girl that will never forget you.

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