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    Hate it…

    by  • March 12, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Disappointment • 5 Comments

    i can’t stop caring & loving you. Hate it because I feel you have made your decision but you are being smart about it and not saying anything at all. However am right or wrong hate it that I don’t see a bounce back. Now am in deep thoughts weather to continue or distance from

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    by  • March 12, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Sex • 2 Comments

    We just have sex. For the fun of it. No emotions no nothing. You know my insecurities and you use that to your advantage. You know I’m lonely. But sex is our only escape to our problems. Sex makes you feel good, wanted, and desired. I don’t love you. But I sure do need you

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    To my father

    by  • March 12, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Betrayal • 1 Comment

    Thank you. Thank you for showing me the true meaning of selfishness. Thank you for proving that only naïve idiots take people for what they appear to be. Thank you for taking my good intentions and twisting them into something dark. Thank you for taking my daughter’s unconditional love for others and using it against

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