• Why are you so greedy?

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    Dear Hex-

    I think it’s great you’re a stay at home mom. It would be EVEN greater if you actually did some parenting. Ya know-like tell your 4 year old not to drink 3 cans of pop, or tell your 13 year old not to “date” strangers on the internet. But Whatevs.

    You do realize that the reason you can do that is because your ex-husband gives you 60% of his income? Plus medical. Plus some extra-curricular. Plus never misses a visit and does WAY more driving than you. And now you’ll get 1/2 HIS bonus. HIS Bonus. That he stays up late, works on weekends, takes time from ME to earn. WTF did YOU do to earn it? And how will you spend it? On the FIFTEEN dogs you have? On the extra kid you got illegally off the internet? On your new husband’s kid because you picked a real winner who isn’t bright enough to get a job that employs him all year long? And then, after telling your EX for YEARS to go back to court if he didn’t like the way that you dictate 100 things to him, he does. And what do YOU do?? Have the nerve to ask for your lawyer’s fees to be paid. And for money for activities that he never agreed and cannot afford because you already take SIXTY PERCENT of his money and he needs SOME money to feed and clothe the kids when at our house. You’re a bitch. And a liar. And not a “good Christian” like you’d like everyone to believe. You’re disgusting. You’ve admitted to me that your husband forces you to have sex and mentally abuses you. Great influence to have around your bazillion kids. Great mothering. Bet you miss your sweet, loving, SMART ex-husband now. Maybe you should’ve been a better wife instead of a selfish, cold kid hoarder. And now an animal hoarder.

    Also, thanks for defriending me on FB. I thought you were an immature idiot before, but it’s nice to know my opinion was right.

    You are a selfish, greedy person who should thank whatever flying spaghetti monster you believe in every day that your kids have a good, involved dad and a step-mom that loves them and only says nice things about you, even if she has to lie and vomit in her own mouth when she does. I would never be mean to you in person or harm you in any way. That is not me at all. But I have to tell you, when you had that cancer scare…I was really disappointed it turned out to be benign.

    Can’t wait til you get no more child support, haven’t worked for years, have no skills and my partner and I are taking vacations and planning retirement. Then you can suck it. 🙂

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