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    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants.”
    -Thomas Jefferson
    Students of SHS: This is for you.
    Like America, the Trojan Wall was founded a few years ago by some great leaders, forefathers if you will, of our Student Section. Under their guidance, a great organization was founded and the democracy of the Trojan Wall was founded. Indeed, it was a democracy, because the wall represented the students of Simsbury High School who had pride in their not only their sport teams, but also their ability to get rowdy. The success of their new democracy is hard to estimate, and many great things have come from it. But like any great democracy, there were flaws. Just as the Articles of Confederation were unsuccessful, the constitution of the Trojan Wall was not infallible. Corruption is always a possibility. And as Mr. Jefferson so eloquently alluded to, this corruption must be stopped.
    For far too long has the corruption of administration micromanagement been allowed to fester. In the process, Trojan Pride has been damaged. Students are no longer free to flex their 1st amendment right to free speech. In fact, if the admin doesn’t like what you have to say, you’re no longer welcome to support your Trojans at all. This is not democracy. This is tyranny. The Trojan Wall was never intended to be an exclusive club in which ultimate authority rested in the hands of ego-centric administrators. The main goal of the Trojan Wall has always been to get students fired up about their sports teams, and as the cheerleaders would put it, get rowdy. Because TROJANS ARE ROWDY. This has been a trademark of the cheer squad since the beginning. Every effort by the admin to thwart that rowdiness is an attack on what it means to be a Simsbury Trojan. And when bad leaders begin to oppress the population, rebellion becomes necessary.
    Some great minds have had enough. As we continue to support our teams, we fear the oppression will only continue for us in the years to come. We see our future at SHS and are tired of how some fans are handled at sporting events. Quite frankly, we have had enough. That is why we have created this twitter account, in hopes of sparking a flame that not even the coldness of oppression can put out. We hope to build a student run culture so that when other towns see us, they know it is US, not our faculty who they can fear. The most successful sections in the state are completely free of admin influence. These towns pulls massive crowds to sporting events, the likes of which Simsbury High has never seen. This is possible because of the leadership. Only students know how to lead students effectively in the student section environment. That is why it’s called the student section, not the school section. Administration is constantly climbing onto the bleachers and throwing their weight around. It needs to stop.
    Join us as we begin again. Re-awaken the spirit of SHS. We do not represent our teachers, or our faculty. We represent the students of SHS, whether that be the athletes playing the games or the supporters in the stands. Our affiliation, like the affiliation of every successful student section in this great nation, ends with the students. Help us protect the STUDENT section. Spread the word to end the tyranny.

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