• My last letter to you, L . . .

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    I’ve exhausted myself,
    trying to get through to you.

    I’ve emptied my soul,
    in trying to express my love.

    You can’t fathom it.
    I am drowning in it.

    Gone is the sweetness,
    gone is the warmth,
    yet I still yearn to hold you,
    to finally kiss you,
    to make love with you.

    I know I did wrong,
    I know I hurt you,
    but how long must I rot for,
    before you see,
    that I am sorry?

    Do you not yearn,
    for pure love,
    a man that worships you?

    I am that man,
    and I am so, so tired.
    I wish I could turn back the clock,
    but please understand,
    I didn’t know how to handle my feelings,
    back then. I was a coward,
    but I have ALWAYS had a true heart.

    I can’t help but feel bitter,
    and distrustful.

    We let it all fester,
    into a sickening silence,
    I wish you would see,
    how much of an impact you had on me,
    and that you give me a chance,
    to start again,
    help me be the man you want me to be,
    and I will shower you with endless love.

    I really do love you,
    and I miss you so much.

    Yours forever,

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