• Like Intersecting Lines

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    I’m not someone who is interesting, beautiful, talented, or anything that would make me stand out. I’m just a college student, trying to do well on my exams, pass projects seconds before they’re due, and trying to make the most out of this 4-year course that I’m not sure if I’m interested in. I always crave for an adventure, something exciting, something different. Then there it was, on a pretty unexpected morning.

    He was…a kid. High school, perhaps? But he was interesting, he was full of talent, and he was humble. It bothered me that I would fall for someone like him because, he was younger than me. He’s musically inclined, a major turn on for me. I wanted to fall in love, but that’s not who I am.

    I am someone who despises the idea of a relationship because it pisses me off of how vulnerable women seem when they’re in one. This is based on my observations of course. I’ve never really had that on my mind.

    I don’t want to fall in love because I know that our time is short. We were just lucky to have crossed paths, after that we might just forget about each other. It’s kind of like we’re two different lines meeting at one point only to never meet again afterwards. You know, kind of like…

    Intersecting lines.

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