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    This wasn’t my choice. I didn’t just wake up one day and say yeah so I’m gonna fall madly in love with you and cause myself great pain over something impossible. But you are the only one that pulls me in, you changed literally everything about me. When I met you I couldn’t take my eyes off you and I couldn’t stop thinking about you. The way you talk, and carried yourself, was so irresistible and I guess I couldn’t resist. You started to treat me special. Oh, how I remember this. Maybe I was special then. You would compliment me, joke with me make me feel like the most important person in the room. And I believed it. I wanted you to like me and approve of me the second I met you. But then I got greedy and something went wrong. I wanted you to love me. The way I quickly fell for you. I long for you to be with me, like you did before. But I am not your first choice. When everyone else isn’t around, sure, you talk to me like I’m your favorite. And because I adore you the way I do, I don’t care. I watch you, the way you talk and look at me and dance. No one in this universe has more perfection. Sometimes I wonder if you think of me as a weed. Like you just want to get rid of me but I keep coming back. And of course you would, no rose wants a weed next to it. But you, my rose, you to are like a weed. I have pulled you from my mind time and time again but you just come back. You always do. In fact, you never leave. You are always there, in my mind, in the air. Every dream I have is made of you, your essence. I fantasize about telling you I love you. Because I do. I’m done denying myself that simple fact. And if people know, then that’s okay too. As wrong as it is, I can’t keep running from it. You have consumed me, completely. I’ve been poisoned and I can’t go back now, there is no antidote. I am like a wildfire and you are like the ocean. My love for you, spreading, growing, burning me to a crisp, destroying me, and you are the endless beautiful blue that can put out my fire but not without leaving the ruins of me that has already been burnt to dust. The infinite blue does not simply put out a wildfire. The ocean has its own problems, it’s own peace. It has the coral reef, the sea life, everything it could ever want. The forest burns down and is left with nothing but dust, as nothing ever finds a habitat there. It is alone. The smart live in the ocean, make friends with its aura. And they live happily, and peacefully. But the ocean doesn’t accept the ugly, unimportant things. Which is exactly how it is with you and I. I may be beautiful on the outside, but darling, on the inside I am the forest. And you are simply the ocean. The ocean doesn’t even know of the forests existence, so then it doesn’t even know of its fire. But the forest knows very well of the ocean, and longs for it. But here’s the thing, the very end of it all.,my love, my life, my ocean, I have simply been turned to dust, and I know deep down, you don’t know or care.

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    1. ...
      March 8, 2015 at 3:39 am

      You maybe wrong !
      Deep down he does care & waiting for you like every other day !


    2. yeah
      March 8, 2015 at 10:48 pm

      I could have written this. I did tell that person I loved them, though. The words were tearing through me like a fucking hurricane and they finally escaped. That person, told me that they hoped I got over it soon so things could go back to normal. Some people just have too much fear in their hearts to risk anything. It won’t bring them anything but sadness. I have mixed feelings about this.



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