• I was never enough..

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    We live in two different places, but it worked the first time. After you tore me apart you began to manipulate my heart. I wanted us to be back again and I allowed you to keep coming back into my life time after, time again. Even now when you have someone new, who you say means nothing to you, you keep saying you want me back. It’s been two years and the many times you’ve come back you have said I am the one. If I am so important to you why couldn’t you do the very thing that was keeping us apart? Why couldn’t you break up with her? You’ve lied and cheated on her more than once, and sadly it was with me. I am not proud of what I’ve done, but don’t see that I was willing to forgive? I was willing to work things out with you, yet it was never enough? You’d try for a few weeks and kept telling me soon you would break up with her, and then you would disappear. Without a word, without a trace, but knowing you’d be back again soon enough. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t wait for that guy I dated once long ago to come back. I can’t bring him back, as much as I would want to. You’re stuck and confused and I have tried to be there for you, but enough is enough. I love you always, but not the same. I am a pathetic girl in someone else’s eyes, for coming back to you, for crying for you, and for longing you. It sucks to lose my best friend, because that’s who you once were. This is all on you. I tried, I really did, but you gave up on me each and every time. It hurts so much sometimes, but I know I’ll be okay. Sadly for be the other girl being with her for a year and she’ll never even know. That you cheated on her and for her I am so sorry. Your living a lie within yourself and its sad enough you’re becoming the person you feared you’d be…your dad. Goodbye for good, goodbye for now…I will always care and maybe one day when you are ready to truly fight for me, I may or may not be there. I hope one day I can take being on this ride with you as a lesson learned. A lesson to know there are other guys willing to fight for me, maybe not right now, but there will. I made my share of mistakes, but I want to come open with a clean slate and I hope one day you can too.

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