• To CLJ

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    I’m feeling pretty well right now. It’s seems that life might actually be okay without you as an SO. You certainly don’t give a rip. Thank you for making it easy for me this AM (sincerely hope you stay warm).

    Sure…there will be breakdown moments now and then; but I’ll never give you the satisfaction of knowing that.

    When those weak moments appear, I’ll just remind myself that you can’t help “it”. It’s who you are…toward me, anyway. I left my trekking pole and glasses there, I think. So please be a sweetheart, and send those things my way.

    We’ve ventured past my concern of your love for me, to my concern about my love for you. It seems ridiculous now that I ever cried about anything; because in retrospect, few things you did or said now seem genuine.

    Though your behavior has been nothing short of disgusting-not counting your occasional need to beat the crap out of me (literally)- I’m still here for, and care about you. But unless your personality makes a miraculous turnaround…nearing the supernatural caliber…I won’t be THERE for you. Congratulations! You win. And I sincerely hope that you find happiness.


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