• Hanson and Alice

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    There was once a girl who was never allowed to play. Let’s call her, Alice (after Lewis’ Caroll.) She was only allowed to look over the window, view at the kids enjoying themselves. She grew up constantly being told that people will only hurt her.

    When she went off to college, she loved the freedom it gave her. Philosophy was her thing. It was great finding like minded people who expressed friendship with a distance. Just the space she needed to be and grow. She would hangout with different set of people, she never really chose her friends. Whoever came along was welcomed.

    Sometime in college, there was an exchange student. He was Japanese. Let’s call him Hanson. Alice never really took interest. But he was full of enthusiasm and he was different. Didn’t take long until they started hanging out. Hanson stirred up so many emotions with Alice. She simply couldn’t place him. And while they were just friends, they had this deep understanding of each other. Soon Hanson had to go back to Japan and quite ironic right at the time Alice felt he was beginning to grow on her. But she never told him anything. Hanson made no mention of his varying emotions as well, perhaps because he didn’t want to destroy whatever they had. On Hanson’s last day in the university, Alice kept her distance and this hurt Hanson. He thought she never took him seriously and was just being nice because he was just visiting. So, they didn’t see each other for a long time…

    Alice devoted herself to her passion, finished with honors much to her parents surprise! It wasn’t long until she found a job she loved and succeeded in her career. It also gave her the personal and financial independence she needed. Alice was fine making her job her world, her cats her babies, her books her lovers.

    Years after, at one of the reunions, she sees Hanson again. He was still as she remembered him and yet something has changed… She couldn’t quite figure but he seemed and felt different. And his enthusiasm was gone.. While her boy crush was still somehow there, she dismissed everything a normal feeling any reunion evokes. She just missed him and was happy to see him again.

    A year passed and more, Hanson was never really there but he somehow has held ground on Alice’s life. Whether this be through emails, chats, SMS, social network. He was that type of a friend you know would be there when you need him.

    Alice’s job brought her places and Hanson’s comedic career was reaching great heights. Yes a Philo major turned comedian. One time during her travels, she found a magazine feature of Hanson. She was excited and so happy for her friend! She got in touch and they agreed to meet. Both couldn’t hide their excitement so it was rather impromptu. Alice had to cancel her meeting to go see Hanson’s dinner engagement. He invited her to watch his show that Tuesday. Hanson was so funny and he really had a way with people. Charming yet goofy-dark. But given Alice’s past she finds comfort in both Hanson’s good and bad qualities. Alice was enjoying his show until the “I Love you, Alice” sketch came. It was the highlight of the show. Alice was shocked to find that their memories were brought to parody. Hanson crossed the line! Alice was furious and wanted to throw the chair at him. But she couldn’t. This was a room full of people who adored him. After the show, Alice was the first person Hanson talked to, brushing everyone aside. He hugged her and asked, “Well, how did you…?” Alice didn’t let him finish and quickly turned away, “I have to go. I’m tired.”

    Hanson chased her. But she got to cab first. At that very moment, seeing the cab moving rapidly away, Hanson can only watch much to his anguish. The sketch was intended to tell her everything he was holding in. He wonders read through. How he wishes they had more time to talk after the show. But she left hastily, well she probably had to get up early in the morning. Being Alice, Hanson expects it may take a long time before they speak or see each other again. Hours after he received a message from Alice. “I really loved your show. I’d like to catch you again soon.” Hanson replied with a quick “How soon?”. “Will let you know” Alice replied. He stares at his phone’s screen reading the message over and over like it was gonna give him anything. Should he follow through or just wait? He remembers Alice from before and wonders if this will mean tomorrow or the far future.

    to be continued….

    One Response to Hanson and Alice

    1. The Jester
      March 6, 2015 at 12:19 pm

      Hanson is such a fool
      Ring a Ding Don Dang
      Jingles his colourful crown
      Gazing like a hopeless romantic
      Like a certain someone I know
      Maybe Me Maybe Not
      He who shouldn’t have waited
      Lost in the mist
      Inwardly searching the right thing
      To do & say
      Distracted by this damn crown
      Suddenly so much time has past
      Oh such the fool
      He played his part to a tee
      If only his misty eyes focused sooner
      By his newfound clarity
      To become the King once more
      Where has his Queen gone to

      Have you seen her?
      If only he revealed the mist within
      For then she would be there
      To warm the moisture ladden air
      Which is True Love
      Not Lost Love

      The Jestor No More

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