• Open Letter To All Males

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    I’d like to post an open letter to all of the male gender. What is wrong with the majority of men that when they have a good woman, and she is there for you, and she is being kind, and loving and tender to you, and she tells you that she loves you, and she oftentimes puts her needs last to yours… that you…the MAN…now say to yourself, “woah, feels good to have such a woman, I’m good” and THEN you become so self absorbed in your other activities, that you forget to be kind to her, you forget to show her love and respect, you forget that she is a woman with needs, you forget HER and you become so “off in your own world” that she begins to feel horribly neglected, and eventually, she LEAVES YOU. And then YOU, being the self absorbed WAYHOMER that MEN always ARE…now when SHE’s GONE, you go, “oh, my GOD, what did I do?” It wasn’t what you DID…it’s what you DIDN’T do, lamebrain, when will men GET THIS. Why do men go, “oh, I love you” AFTER she has HAD IT WITH YOU and fail to say it when she IS WITH YOU and doing ALL SHE CAN to make YOU HAPPY. Men need to get the memo. Once a “good woman” had HAD IT WITH YOU, it is HIGHLY DOUBTFUL she will EVER return to you. A woman is NOT A MAN!!! You hurt a woman, you break her heart…it is not that she becomes cold hearted…no. You hurt a woman, it is different from when men go off on each other. When you kill a woman’s spirit, she has NOTHING to draw from to enable her to love you again. Do you GET THAT, MEN? Men, I’m begging you. Be careful with a woman’s heart. You break her heart, you probably have lost her forever. Women are highly protective over their “hearts”.

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