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    Yes maybe you don’t undertabd ME, you do or you did….
    I think you did but your distance has made all this situation more complicated than it was.
    Yes we both madly in love but it’s becoming like this, upsetting each other, not knowing things about each other, what we want, how I would be if I was with you etc


    it’s because we don’t talk about us, well I always want too, I always try but you don’t…
    And you don’t ask but you assume about me ….

    Do you even know why am like this at my house,
    And how I would be with you

    Before we use to talk, talk about our dream, how we spend our days, our life, all simple, how we would enjoy rest of our life etc…


    Hey it’s cool…
    I take the blame for all…

    You will only know if you speak, you will only know how life would be if you ask, if you listen
    By assuming, you making me look some differnt person
    Who you use to know …


    It’s you who’s bringing all changes how we use to be
    Making difficult to love each other and know about each other
    Even tho we madly love each other & can’t let go

    You will be killing yourself & me, by doing this

    Open & share regardless so U know how everything would be

    This is my thoughts


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