• Walking away

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    I know you don’t care, but I just wanted to say this one last time before I completely leave your life.. You completely broke me, you made me always feel like I was never good enough, you make me feel as if it’s impossible to love someone like me.. You’ve made me so insecure that I can’t let any guy in who tries to put effort.. I don’t trust anyone bc of you.. The person I am today isn’t who I was 3 years before I met you.. Idk who I am & that scares me.. You’ve damaged me to the core.. Idk what it’s like to b loved by a man.. I’ve never had a man love me, my father was never there to teach me the ways & now he’s gone & I’ll never know what it’s like.. you destroyed a person who loves you so purely, so innocently, and genuinely.. But I’m learning that you’ll never be good for me, no matter how much I love you, & I have to stop making excuses for you, & I have to stop imagining that one day you’ll fall in love with me.. I’m accepting this all.. Moving has made me seen the bigger picture to this, I was always just a part of your game, I made no difference to you.. & I’m over being an option.. I’m so sick of crying every day, I’m gonna learn how to love myself & realize I never needed you to do it.. Thank you for the biggest lesson I needed to learn.. Never make someone your home.

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    1. @author
      March 3, 2015 at 1:59 am

      Hey I kind of understand by reading this letter I feel this is exactly the girl I love is going through:
      I realise my mistakes, I know how much she loves me, I know I love her to bits, but it seem it doesn’t go right for me.
      Everything is good when we together, but when walk away when we home we have problems. Maybe because of distance & obstacles we have in our life’s.
      I care so much, I do all little favours day & night for her when she needs anything she knows am there, when she rings me I there, when she texts me am there, I do try to prove that I do care and am here for her but I just don’t know if it gets notice but my mistakes always overcome all my good.

      Only way I see for us to work is to sit and talk accept everything listen to all and compromise everything

      I know this will make my problem better but she doesn’t listen, she don’t want to talk or meet meet for long time where we can just chat,
      Where I put all on table with honestly, accepting and my way of going forward. I want to hear what she have ALL in her mind
      But this bit not Happening and we keep falling out by misundertanding or most prob my faults

      Anyways sorry to go on –
      I suggest as a guy I would prefer to talk all open, hear all, listen all work together on problems and have plan

      Take it from there

      I wish you all the best


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