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    I dream about her so much and I don’t know why or what it means.. Usually its only because I spoke to her late the night or I duno what’s the other reason..

    They say when u dream about someone a lot it means u think about that person so much and u want it to come true.. Like duh! So what do I do now? I dream about her most nights if not every night, I think about her when I’m stoned all the time..so how do I now change this? The quest is more do I wana change it?lol yes I do maybe… I know I’m being unfair towards sum1 else who’s not officially my gf yet but maybe just maybe things go till there,we’ll see how it goes..

    I have these hot sexual dreams about her! OMG do we have great sex!! Wait not great The fuckn best!! Geeeeez I want her fuckn badly!!!

    Ok ok enough writing 4 now

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