• Corn and Cheese

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    Here I was at 17 years of age, heartbroken. This wasn’t just any normal, simple heartbreak that was done and over with in a month or two, this was a heartbreak that will affect me for the rest of my life. I loved that boy with every bit of me, every inch of my body was his. He had eyes, well the light brown eyes that you fall in love with from the moment you get a glance on them. He had this way of him that just made you want to stay a little longer, or maybe even stay forever. I could cry, shout, or even go insane, and he’ll still be there for me. He would still look into my eyes or tell me to look into his. He was everything and more. He light up my world just as he shut it down. He only wanted the best for me, but all I wanted was the best for us. All of me was all about him and all of him was about everything else. He was no fool, he knew about the world more than I ever could. I was the fool, I was the fool who would do anything and everything for love, not for the world. I was blind to the fact that we wouldn’t work out, but what was I supposed to do? I was in love, in love with him, in love with his thoughts, his ways, everything. I fell in love with him from the moment I looked into his eyes, I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t control the aching in my body that cried out for him, my body just lingered unto him, and being with him only made it stronger. Being with him made my body so attached it couldn’t break free, it just wanted more and more each and every time, it was completely out of control. As for myself, it wasn’t any less. The days we would break it off made me feel so empty to the point I couldn’t take it any longer so I would always end up at his door, I always found a way back to him. He didn’t stop me, even when he would try he couldn’t just let me go because at the end of it I was always there. It got to the point where I just had to learn and let go because I had done made it worst, I made him so exhausted to the routine, he just wanted it all to stop. So just like that, it ended. Now I’m without him and being without him is yet the worst heartbreak ever. Being without him hurts so much because I know despite everything we were meant to be. When I got off his car, I couldn’t take another look back because I knew I would just break down and he already had enough of that, he had enough of my tears and my pain, I couldn’t do it again, I just had to go.

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