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    You have to Dream the dream to make it come true…
    Things can only get better if we start talking about our dreams, our feelings and not hold anything even negative bit..
    So we have the understanding …

    You say you dream about me..
    So do I..

    If ever you heard it and felt it.. Just if …

    Hey but we have talked about it in past, how we would want it, how it would be, how we would be there for each other, how we would have own family, how the kids would look, my eyes but your eye colours…, how we would spend rest of our simple life and so on…

    Now the dream gets bigger and bigger
    Brighter and brighter
    Stronger and stronger
    More meaningful

    But it’s just a dream that can come if we both wanted it too..

    Remember the book you shared with me the quotes came in my thought
    “When you really want something all the universe conspire in your favour helps u to achieve it ”
    “Having faith in your dream and going for it”
    “Two types of people in life both have dreams, one only dreams and other going for it”
    “Fear of failure” will not let you achieve your dream.
    “No heart has suffered when they go in search of there dream when it finds it treasure”
    “Very few follow the heart for to search for its treasure where there happiness is because of fear and suffer they may have at beginning”
    “Closer you become to your dream harder it gets”

    At end its worth it…

    Question is how far would you want to take your dream, your happiness, your love, your smile, your real person, the real feeling you get out of it….


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    1. What Happens
      March 2, 2015 at 8:59 am

      When the one dream you dream about that you wish to become reality doesn’t. Your words would entice any loving man who always seems to respond to your letters. Off to the land of dreams for me says this sleepy eyed man smiling knowing that it is all worth it.

    2. ..
      March 3, 2015 at 2:24 am

      trust me it will be

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