• To my best friend

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    I miss you still everyday. It’s crazy how so much time has passed, but it still feels like yesterday. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I will never understand why this happened. Why you of all people had your life cut short.
    The good.
    The amazing.
    The beautiful.
    I love you and I miss you.. So much. No one can ever take your place. There will always be a giant place in my heart only for you. Just you.
    This past year, for whatever reason, I have seen you everywhere. So many people have reminded me of you. But they were all kids. Like we were. I see them and I immediately think its you! But it’s not. And we aren’t, at least I’m not, a child. But you will forever be.
    I’m crying now.. Again.. As reality hits me for the millionth time.
    It never gets easier. You no longer age. I want to complain and relate to this aging thing with you so badly. I keep reminding myself I’m the lucky one. God I miss you.
    I think of, dream of, what you would be like. Your life, your family, your face.
    You were amazing.
    One day soon I will come and visit. I visit you in my heart every day. It never meant that I don’t love you. It just meant I love you too much or that much. Damn it hurts. Still.
    You will always be beautiful to me my sweet friend. No one can ever replace you. Ever.
    I hope you don’t mind, but I finally asked God to give me a new, true, best friend. I thought he had a few years back, but turns out it wasn’t mutual.. Guess I wasn’t ready, but I think I finally am.
    No matter what you are irreplaceable.
    I’ll love you til the day I die.
    Peace and love baby.
    Peace and love..

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