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    Dear lost love,

    Do you have any idea how difficult it’s been for me during the past months? trying to bring myself back to life! trying to mend my broken heart! the heart that once held the entire world inside him! how cruel can a person be? leaving the one person that loved them the most? without a trace! just deciding to stop fighting and giving up on them! how could they call what they felt as love! who were you kidding!
    when you love someone from the bottom of your heart you don’t let them go easily, you don’t give up on them, you don’t break promises you made with them, you don’t plan a lifetime with them then disappear and expect them to take it as it!
    Do you have any idea how your disappearance affected me! I’m scared now! I started being a cold person! I don’t show my emotions anymore! I turned from the warmest person anyone could ever know into the coldest person anyone would run away from! I’m scared of falling in love again! I’m scared of trusting another man!
    Do you know how bad I’m struggling here to get on my feet! to act like I’m okay now! even though it’s been almost a year now! The problem was that I trusted you more than I’ve should ! I loved you more than I’ve should! And now, I can’t even hate you cause I’m not a girl who live on hatred and grudges! do you know that I’ve forgiven you from day 1! yes I’m that stupid girl who can’t get mad! I’m that stupid girl who cries silently most of the nights, who closes her eyes thinking she will wake up from this nightmare! who kept calling your name day after day hoping she would see you again!
    I have no idea what you’re doing now, and frankly I don’t care. I just hope life treat you well ” and not the way you deserve” cause if life treated you the way you deserve life will be tough on you, cause oh man, you’ve broken an innocent girl’s heart.
    This girl who only wishes you the best of luck in this life..

    Dear lost love,
    I hope I can find a better love than you, a love that will take care of me ..

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