• Finally Free

    by  • February 28, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Moving On • 0 Comments

    Harley, its been a while now since we last spoke. You know…I spent 3 years waiting for you. Hoping you would keep all those promises. Every time I was ready to give up on you, because of the constant silence, there you were. For one reason or another you just popped right back into my life and kept me hanging on. Gave me that boost of hope. You know…I wouldn’t be here right now if I hadn’t been waiting for you. Funny, I know. I would have let myself fall for some guy, and I’d be somewhere with him. Far from where I NEED to be. So I guess I should thank you, because I did what I needed to do while I was waiting for you. Not letting anyone else in. Keeping focused on my daughter, and waiting for your calls, or your “I was thinking about you today” texts. I’m so close to where I need to be now. So, thank you. Thank you for keeping my heart tied up, so that I couldn’t love anyone else. It kept me on track. The best part is, it doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ve hardly thought about you in months. When you do cross my mind though, I distract myself with something else until the thought passes. I’ve thought about emailing you to see how life is treating you, but it’s best I don’t. The way we left things was not very pretty. And I’d rather not take a huge leap backwards if I can help it. Hearing your voice will just put me back down that dark, lonely, depressed path I was on. I’d rather not do that again. I’m happier where I am. Your confederate is a thing of the past. Thank you. Thank you for setting me free.
    Sincerely, ~Realtree~

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