• Anguish

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    He had entered a chasm of despair and self-torture.

    Our enduring love was not enough to pull him free from all the disorder.

    Engulfed in darkness he was no longer recognizable.

    Those left behind overwhelmed by his sadness, inconsolable.

    Immobilized in grief we watched him slipping away.

    Consumed with the knowledge that he may be gone forever and a day.

    His worth as a human being completely oblivious to him.

    Due to the long-standing demons he’s fought from within.

    The suffering reflected his anguish and pain.

    If I had the power to banish them they would have been slain.

    Our love, our life our future, our family completely shattered.

    We all travel our journey now apart and scattered.

    The sadness continues, as does the pain.

    Every single day is shrouded with clouds of rain.

    Holding on to hope that he will find his way.

    No matter where at night his head may lay.

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      For you FC

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