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    So yeh, now you know our marriage isn’t healthy …
    From day 1 to now it’s same but worse…
    Every few months I try, but am at same place again.

    I learnt to live with a smile, seeing others happy was my happiness and I gave myself to people in need.

    Then you came along like a sun rising and the smile become real.
    We had our ups and down, but at same we had best times, best ever feelings, more reason to live for until “then” all changed.

    Now I know that your never gonna be there, but still I think I nothing will change the situation at home and it’s not going right there too..

    I will live, the way I lived before you and I will go on and on

    And if something special was to brighten my life again, then it will if not …
    I Will still be happy & smiling on other people’s happiness and go out of my way helping others …

    I do feel blocking you from everywhere so when if I do am sorry for all and you will just be a memory

    I don’t want to hurt U anymore or here I rather let go than being punish for not fulfilling the duties and be where I can be more happy and You can be all happy too

    I wish I was a bird just keep flying maybe one day green bird

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