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    I tried, I came back But I was there always with you…
    I thought I felt you calling me, you need me, I came back..
    I felt in your messages, you want more, I came closer
    I read your letters, letters that i felt before you wrote here, I came & replied..
    I heard you thoughts, come and hold me in your arms, I came & I was outside…

    I feel you now, I came stronger in love, I just don’t understnd why did you do that and threw me back.
    I tried to tell u all,
    I tried for you U to tell me all,
    But you threw it all back.

    I came to fix you, fix us and now I am left all broken….!

    I just feel I can’t forgive U, I feel so much hurt of this and I am angry at myself for saying all and then listen to your all negative respond I got from U today.

    Whilst I am writting I can feel you thinking of me, I won’t come back for nothing, I wait for you to come back with something or its nothing..

    I wish you would’ve have let me in yesterday night and things would have been different, I know it would…. You blew it….

    Now here you are back to your computer reading this thinking for your next letter to be here, don’t bother, anything U need to Say U have my number “text me”, I won’t be here anymore.
    Maybe I was wrong you didn’t love me anymore… -impossible

    Regardless I know for sure I will always be in your mind, you won’t forget the times that i gave you smiles -Halo-

    My heart is broken, don’t need you anymore, you showed me what you had show, heard you what you had to say, but at same time I am waiting for U to come back to me. -Heartattack –

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