• I believe you – I still love you

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    -I believe you …

    I believe how much you love me..

    But U not think how much I love you, do you not know every single morning I think of you, every night I think of you..
    The pain I feel daily, I have lost my sleeps over you, I have become ill over this… I wanted you always and I was the one talking about future all time…
    Why would I ? And why am I still here ?

    Everyday I wait and wait for you to say something positive but instead U come with negative…

    I have tried but U shut me down..

    I think you are so unfair for how you go about things, when I read your letters I would rather hear form your sweet voice whilst I am in your arms and talk about future.

    I have always asked you what makes you happy, ever once you asked me ……..
    How U want life, how U see future etc

    Look I am not perfect, yes you are right about some of the things but I love you, I was compromising with you all time, putting U in forward before all. Yes I maybe still making mistakes but I needed you talk to me In good manor and stop getting angry with me….

    Problem we had I was willing to listen and try …
    And you were not willing to say but come with all negative thoughts…
    Even most times was faults…

    If you have so much to say, then say tell me, I want to hear it all…

    I was always in love with you, I always wanting it to work, it was you always drifting away from what you said, all positive in the first 3 months to all negative, arguments and accusation

    But I still tried, tried and trying….

    I want to see you
    I miss you every time
    I am on here since the day you sent me link….

    I didn’t leave you but at that point you gave me so much pain whilst I was away with your words, things you said I felt like ………
    I didn’t want to hear it nor feel that bad pain which I never felt in my life ever ….
    (And I know I hurt you how everything the situation)
    Actually don’t want to talk about that…

    But you did give me the good pain/ feeling ever too that I never felt and today I am feeling that more after a long time (was feeling most day)

    I have been counting days too…

    I remember you daily,
    I wait for you everyday,
    I want to see you, hold you in my arms just the way it use to be,
    Look in to your eyes, kiss for hours,have our moments and whisper I love you ….

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