• Hurt …

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    I don’t blame you for how I feel,
    I don’t blame you for what U say with your negative thoughts,
    Maybe I made it like that for U to feel like that…

    But it’s seem for everything U see, U see it with a negative thought. If someone put a status, change their profile picture I , send some emotions or you mention a person and I say something, you will say something negative….

    I just pray that specific person gets married I will feel abit of relief and I will be save from so many bad thoughts you have for me with her..

    I have told you before, I tell you now
    I don’t have anything to do with anyone on the leval that you think..! I am not saying I don’t have any contacts with anyone, I do but its all related with work I do or hi / bye from very old freind..!

    However you are more important to me than any of them put together, I was drifting away from many and still am, but my concern even if someone talks whilst with you or you see a text you will have this negative though straight away…

    How to go forward we need to talk, compromise, understand, build that trust, have positive attitude, listen and work together on this..
    This is the only way –

    If I didn’t care, I wouldnt be here writing….

    I feel hurt after reading the text you sent…
    But good that atleast after 2months you said something..

    I want you know that I miss you , I need you and I love you…

    I wish I can see you very soon….


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