• Girl crush

    by  • February 23, 2015 • * Safe for Work *, Waxing Poetic • 0 Comments

    Joelle has a secret sense
    She knows girl crushes
    Maybe it’s because I struggle to look away
    When you’re in the room
    How I reach for your hand
    When you’re near
    How we share my bed almost every night
    She doesn’t even see
    How I kiss your neck
    When we lie I’m bed
    Now that would make them talk

    I told you I had a girl crush on you
    Then pretended it was admiration
    But my girl crush is realer than any guy crush

    Joelle talked to you
    Because she knew I would pursue it
    But she didn’t know how you felt
    I admire her observance
    But I know she wants you to herself

    I asked you why
    You let me touch you
    Caress you and cuddle you
    When she tries all the time
    Laid on your body and tried to kiss your lips
    You said I was comforting
    And you had your favorites

    You said we were on a new level
    When I layed on top of you
    You asked what’s next
    I only hoped I knew
    Every night at 11:11
    You tell me to make a wish
    And I wish for you

    I only want you happy
    Just tell me no more
    And I’ll pick up the pieces
    And curl up in our cozy bed

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