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    We have all heard stories about her, THE femme fatale, a succubus of man. She’s that one woman that will keep coming back time and again, just like an old penny, to ensure that you will get what is coming to you…THREE TIMES FOLD. All I need to do is hurry up and wait. Hell, if I knew what time her train was pulling in, I’d sell tickets for the show… YOUR show. What you did to me was such a cowardly, sissy lala thing to do to a grown woman who is 1/3 your weight. Dragging and tossing me about the house, slamming my ankle, thigh, back, neck and head against the wooden floors and cement walls repeatedly. My back against the doorway is what absolutely hurts today, though…not to mention my black and blue middle finger. I wonder how much Karma charges for a nail falling off? I may be pissed as all hell at you, but despite what you think of me , the “mouthy bitch with a shitty attitude,” (the term of endearment I hear more often times than your broke ass has EVER payed me in compliments)there is STILL one undaunting fact you haven’t learned about me yet, I’m not EVIL. IM NOWHERE NEAR AS MEAN AND SPITEFUL as you are. I, for one moment, do not EVER wish the actions you beat upon me to EVER happen to your beautiful, bright, and talented daughter. I will NEVER shatter her pristine image of her daddy, that IS what loud mouthy bitches with shitty attitudes do, right? I’m not looking for a pity party, like you’re always lamenting to your friends. No, I wish for your baby NEVER to gain a Daddy Complex, because daddy isn’t fun and nice at all if you have a different view/opinion on even something as mundane as the sky being blue. Daddy is colored blind, you know? I couldn’t keep my eff ing mouth shut, is all it took to receive the throw down he says I deserved. God, I hope baby girl learns to just shut the eff up, like I still haven’t. If I had known that’s all it would take to “deserve” to have all the love, hopes, dreams, and future beaten out of me in a few minutes of complete, utter rage I would have bought myself a ballgag, shock collar, or a muzzle years ago…save myself and my back from all the aches, pains, and humiliation of knowing I can now officially classify myself as a victim of domestic abuse. Wait…baby girl IS 16…I hope it’s not too late to train her how to be seen not heard. But, that philosophy won’t fly well in college. I should know, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Art in Political Science, ontop of being the Debate Champion my Junior year. Do you know that political science is a male dominant field of study, and that I was PROUD to stick out like my bruised finger? But…women aren’t supposed to stick up for themselves whIle being mistreated by some 6 year-old enraged bully throwing a tantrum because his friends have to be over 24/7, and the girlfriend made some utterance of disdain about it. Yes, Daddy’s right…the gf deserved the bruises she got… Still wondering what time hell on heel’s train arrives at the station. Gonna be a well-deserved time when that mouthy bitch with a shitty attitude comes around…Karma… Oh, where art thou?

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