• Jealous…

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    I know you get jealous..
    But you’re always wrong when accusing me…

    What I don’t understand, when I share my feelings with you, you don’t want know!
    You don’t want to talk about it!

    Well fine….
    Don’t ever expect me to say anymore & if that’s the case U should stop feeling jealous & accusing me…

    If you don’t see nothing of this, then you don’t really have the right
    To hold me back

    Let’s say tomorrow my situation at home was completely broken, I will be more incline to move forward with my life, but are you still gonna be holding me back and I get nothing of you.

    Are u being fair?

    Well I don’t know where I stand with you anymore,
    and if I go my ways in my life, please don’t blame me

    Blame yourself for what you doing….

    Am confused on what u want and if you don’t want to hear mine or talk about it, then just let it be and don’t feel jealous

    You give no explanation, nor chat about anything but you point fingers at me.

    What am doing, who am with, who I have as friends…!

    I don’t need to explain anymore, keep writing letters, or reading yours…
    Lost my sleeps over all this for days, it’s not healthy am becoming ill.

    You know exactly how I feel, what I want and if you don’t then “talk”

    Am gonna be strong, over come this even if I have to take wrong steps to do so, So

    Don’t get jealous!

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