• Prisoner In Paradise

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    Where to begin, trying to be strong and moving on would be a good start …

    Just about to leave a wonderful relationship that was what I thought ever lasting, guess that is just in movies & fairy tales.

    To My Darling Wife of One Year,

    You have your wish, you pushed me to my limit where I became a wreck, a drowning man thrashing out with angry words defending my pride, that you said only pushed you further away. GOOD, good riddance don’t bother to darken my door ever for I have no time for your company and anybody else who sides with you.

    Every step I turn you are there to kick a good man down, you deceived, you twisted words, you manipulated, made me feel guilty, being selfish and of course the adultery. I could call you the wh**e that you are but it would only land on deaf ears, you have no self control, you can never be told what to do. That is your problem in a nutshell, you have no path to fulfilment, no future, your self destructive. Something I wish I saw over the years before tying the knot and letting you into my life.

    Being unfaithful, this is not for me, I am hurt, really hurt, with no immediate friends to turn for help, I became a prisoner in paradise.


    So with that in mind I am going to be better than that, with no resentment to eat at at me and make me ill. I am walking out that door to the beautiful sunshine outside and to be with some one who wants me and truly knows the meaning of love.

    The weight of the pressure being released is like ecstasy on my body & mind, I am not tied down emotionally, physically or even financially, I am FREE!

    You deserve each other and one day you’ll be in this position where I find myself today and with out sounding callous, it’s called KARMA …

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