• What You Thought Was A Fallen Star Was But a SuperNova.

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    As my words silently flow whispering forth in English, this mere mortal males’ trembling lips, quivering in anticipation for I know that in whispering your unspoken name in vein which is not thought possible as others believe for there are no vowels in Hebrew so I readily accept the impossible ramifications for my self made folly for some believe I whisper your NAME in vein yet you…”I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End will be instantaneously hear his sacred name yet not by one’s he has decreed can do so! Feeling compelled to find who has awoken your “Oldest Most Powerful Primal Aspect” I gaze upon you drawing near your mighty heavens unfolding leaving behind a wake,like thunderous lightning leaving no doubt my soon awaited fate is to come to fruition. humbled gaze,Then complete stillness as if the world has momentarily stopped…well it has for me as I lay prostate I ask for YOU this one single prayer & since I use your sacred name I understand for what may come.to be given consideration & given your blessing which I hope it is as our once loving hearts need to be set free from each other for our journey is now our own & as she has asked me which deep down I always knew our flame was wasn’t extinguished completely..?The once hot embers that was our love to which even after a couple of years of separation we are in each others vicinity, the like warm embers would reignite once more when we were in the vicinity of each other.This is why I will accept what she asked for I love you & if you love someone truly you should be able to set her free & I will wonder if she realises it she has also done the same for me. I wasn’t always like this, far from it at times, yet as I have become a spiritual man my awareness is a blessing.

    Why I would do this for her…a mere mortal woman. For she is no mere mortal woman. She is one of your daughters. Her name is in your book. This you already knew as did I. The moment our loving eyes synchronised she & I longing gazed for that moment a flame so bright, burning brighter than the brightest supernova, such is the unparalleled connection of twin flames. I believe you make these happen for they are nothing short off heavenly. You don’t bestow on everyone under your care such a rare gift. Thank you for granting me with the greatest LOVE connection possible known to our species. What’s more she was Angelic as her heart was beating of pure unconditional love which she willingly shared. I took to much for I was in a bad place, abandoned I felt yet my own self doing for my huge heart fractured under the self imposed prison as events continuously occurred, as if Armageddon had come to say hello. Sadly these things spiralled outside of my control consuming me aliong the process, my coping mechanisms failing no matter how much I reset them for it became too much. I slowly self-sabotaged her love that was herself for she was my everything, my best friend, my lover, my everything for She complimented me as I did her yet she in ways few achieve. This made her more venerable too which I mistook for not caring, another story that shall remain forgotten…silly me ;(…. Isn’t hindsight great? YOU sent her to teach me one of lives greatest lessons…To learn how to be a “REAL MAN” who actions speak louder than any words thought possible & to always BE THE LOVE & adhere to embracing all that it is… “By God” I have learnt the hard way. It has been a couple of years now & after reading here a letter that I presume to be her she has inadvertently & I appreciate from the depths of my rebuilt heart which beats greater than she will ever know, greater than when they were a supernova. When it is next night ask you as my last request…To look at the heavens & when you finally see the brightest star you’ve ever seen, close your eyes & imagine me, the moment you met me & hold that thought.

    Now breathe out. Slowly open your eyes & tell me what do you see? Can you see that star like before? You shouldn’t for like all supernova’s my once limitless burning bright light is extinguished forever & a day, to be never seen again but in your memory. That is why I humbly asked you to remember us that first time. I hope you are smiling as I am right now, yes a tear or two too. Goodbye for now & may we cross paths once more in our next lifetime if God wills it. Now we are both free & on different yet both beautiful paths that are our journey in life. Goodbye one final time my LOVE for now there the light is gone & so are we.

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