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    I have so much to say, that I don’t know where or how to start my letter.. Iv just realised how grateful I should be to still be alive right now and not always take life for granted..

    I may be going a very big operation soon and I don’t know if I’m ready for it or if I’ll make it out on the other side..I guess we leave that all in Gods hands hey and just pray 4 the best to come.. I’m not someone who gets scared easily,but right now I kinda am but trying my best to put on a brave face so my sister won’t notice yet.. But enough of that for now,I just wanna think of something else and get my mind of it..

    Things are good my side, just my love life is always such a catastrophe…The girl u want u can’t have,the girl who wants u,u don’t want.. Life can be pretty fucked up sometimes..I don’t understand some women and I think I’ll eventually just get a stroke if I keep tryn too..

    Let’s just say my baby mama is abit much becoz she can’t handle me not being around anymore..but here’s the thing: If I trust u, I trust all of u and I will give and do anything 4 u..however the moment u betray me I will never go back 2 trusting u or seeing u in the same light again.. I might not say it but I will just slowly loose interest and not give u my attention anymore becoz its obviously just being taken 4 granted.. I understand everyone deserves a 2nd chance in life but I think I give them 5 or 6 and they still screw it up.. I can be a cold bastard if I want to,people just mistake my kindness for a weakness and that’s where the problem begins..

    Imi, I’m sorry if I broke ur heart or if u have fallen in love with me..but I can’t just make like it never happened.. I think iv been scared so many times the same way that wen it happens again the next time I find it harder and harder to forgive some1.. I never meant things to end this way,but I will never be 2nd best to any girl if I know I’ll always put her 1st.. If u stil love ur ex than go back 2 him,really..I won’t b hurt the less,infact I’ll still wana be ur friend..I won’t b jealous @ all becoz it will take me years 2 accomplish that.. So instead of pushing towards me and feeling like I’m being a ass 2u,be with the guy u want to be with,I don’t need anyone’s sympathy.. Its my choice 2 be where I am today and I do not hold anyone accountable 4 the decisions I make..


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