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    I’m trying so hard to not let certain things resurface… The truth is I can’t and no longer just be a chat buddy to u… I wana see u and do things with u.. I hate that I have 2 sit n wonder certain things about u.. Friends or not, whether u have a bf or not, whether u love me or not.. Which I think u still do… I Need to see U! Do u have any idea what a strong connection we have or the amount of feelings we still have 4 each other… We ignore it all because we think its better that way and our “friends” thing is going good..and yes it totally is! But me and u both know that we want each other… I don’t know what I should do? I don’t know if I’m the only 1 2 have the guts 2 even say this.. Its obvious that we stil so attached to each other, wot I’m starting 2 hate however is that we on chat during the week about the ins and out and weekends we just go our own way.. I don’t want that anymore, I wana b part of ur wknds and u of mine.. I don’t just want us 2 b company 2 each other during the week and be facebook friends… I want u 2 b part of my life physically.. Whether we friends or lovers… I want u 2 come over 2 my place and make this ur 2nd home.. I want u 2 ask me 4 my car if u wana go anywhere anytime, I wana know if I can come copy by u series it will be ok… Or if u need help with anything or fixing things in the house I’ll b a handy man.. I want 2 have sunday lunch with u and make u dessert.. I want 2 hold u wen u not well and make u feel loved and protected..I want to be there and not allow others to take advantage of ur kindness.. I wana stand up 4 u and fight for you when no1 else does.. I want u 2 not see me 4 my past anymore and look past that with the version that things will be okay… Everything won’t happen over night,but once the foundation is laid properly nothing major will go wrong..

    If this is too much to ask for,this will be the last time I ever mention it..


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