• Angel Drinking Tea

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    We had not spoke in two years and then you reached out to me. You brought back feelings I have rid myself of. I do not want you in my life. But I do. I realize this sounds like some stupid line from a teen drama or something but it is true.

    You are so in tuned with you faith and religion, yet you are fearful of breaking that barrier and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Know that you have been an angel and a guiding light to me and to so many others. I want you to know that as you sit there drinking your tea and teaching me about random acts of kindness and faith itself, that I find myself feeling nervous. Why? Because I am in the presence of a true saint that won’t acknowledge his own goodness and is being too harsh on himself. BE PROUD OF YOURSELF!

    You brought back feelings of anxiousness because despite all my efforts I know that I could never be brought to the level that our faith asks of us. You set such an amazing example and I know that I could never be that person. Frustration sets in because you are such a good being that I am nervous that I may tarnish your spirit with my humanistic ways and views. You offer your time and help if there are any issues I deal with but in all honesty, my issues would be beneath you. I am sorry I waste your time and don’t add anything to your life.

    Thank you for your friendship and kindness, but it may be easier if you continue on your path to greatness and leave me behind. Please.

    My prayers will always go out to you for all the light and inspiration you’ve given me but please, I don’t want to hold you down with my bad influence.

    Fly on Mr Angel drinking Tea

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