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    I decided to copy and paste this letter from Enjay. Reading it gives me hope that love like this might be out there for me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do.


    I was browsing through old letters I have written and posted on this site (yes, I keep records of them all) when I came across this one (below). Immediately it rekindled a low-burning flame from when these sentiments were first expressed nearly a year ago. It is the second letter I have posted since finding LINS (and the first in a long line of letters I have never sent) and wanted to re-share it (with minor edits) because of the hope it has restored in me, and possibly may ignite in you, the reader. Words have a strange effect on people sometimes. So hope you enjoy!


    P.S. To Angel:
    I just noticed that the original letter had a comment with your name attached and, assuming it is the same “Angel”, I just find it funny how you were still reading and commenting on my letters from nearly a year ago, back before I assumed the pseudonym of “Enjay” haha! Well, I thought it was fun at least :-p And if it’s not the same, then I apologize for the mix up. :-p

    This is my Love for You

    You are beautiful — so incredibly beautiful that you evoke the jealousy of the stars in the vacant desert on a moonless night and the setting sun over the Pacific. They covet the radiant glow of your heart and the gentle warmth of your smile. You cannot hide the innocence and purity emitted from the essence of your nature, nor the joy and life that follows you wherever you go. Never before have I beheld a creature of such grace and magnificence, for truly there is no viable comparison.

    And yet you have suffered and been hurt more times than you can count. Having struggled with finding genuine Love and kindness in this world, you have traveled down a barren road devoid of all that is good, yet you carry on in Love and Hope. Your head is held high because of the Love you know will never fail you, and you give your heart to no one else but He who created you and him, whom your Creator will give you. You guard your heart with every available defense, and angels stand guard at every entrance until the day we are one. And what a beautiful and momentous day that will be, when at last they are commanded to step aside and allow me access to such a fragile and valuable treasure!!! For then the task of guarding your heart will be mine as well, and never will I allow any harm to befall it!

    We have an adventure before us; a grand and magnificent adventure that will consume our lives and leave us breathless with joy and accomplishment. Whenever we grow weary, we will find refreshment at the River of Life that flows through our hearts and replenishes our souls. We will drink deeply from this River every day as we grow closer to our destination together. The road will be difficult and laden with obstacles: rocks to stumble on, holes to trip in, storms that batter us and hinder our progress, and robbers that beat us and take our possessions. But we will face each obstacle together and rise above each one. Truly, the adventure doesn’t begin until we are together. All else leading to that day is just the prologue of our novel, preparing us both for the pages ahead and the story we will write together.

    Words cannot express the depth of my Love and all that you mean to me. The greatest depth of the ocean cannot submerge it, and the highest mountain cannot look down on my Love for you. The thought of being with you fills me so completely that no empty space exists and all shadows are erased from the darkest corners of my heart. My Father has placed a beacon of hope within me that wells up inside and banishes the residing darkness. YOU are that beacon, and I cannot wait until the day I meet you and our adventure begins. I look forward with great anticipation to watching my Love for you grow and blossom in inconceivable ways as we grow closer to each other and our God through this amazing journey of ours. I don’t know you yet, but with each passing day God moves us a little closer to the intersection of acquaintance. And although I don’t know you, I Love you with an unquenchable flame that burns like a flame in a Lighthouse, never dying, prepared to guide you safely to the harbor of my heart.

    Forever yours, my Love,
    Your future story.

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