• You Made My Day Sir

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    Hey sir,

    You don’t know me very well, but I’m the girl that answered your call to the musical instrument store today.

    I work there just as a cashier and receptionist, so mostly my job is to take money and transfer phone calls. There are many phone calls throughout the day and I normally don’t get heavily involved in them but yours was different.

    You called in and immediately I could tell by the tone of your voice that something wasn’t right. It was too emotionally distraught and panicked.

    You told me that you had placed a keyboard on layaway back at the end of December. It was meant to be a belated Christmas present for your daughter. We have a 60 day layaway program. The 60 days was going to be up in a few days. I looked up your file and saw that you have been diligently making payments on the layaway, some larger than others, some closer together than others.

    You told me that you make your living as a truck driver and that because of the bad weather we have been having you haven’t been getting a lot of work. That you had the remaining money saved up but that you had to use it to pay bills. You asked me oh so nicely (something I don’t get very often) if we could please extend your layaway for another month so that you can scrounge together the money for the layaway.

    I knew that we normally didn’t do that but I was determined to make it happen. I told you I would call you back and took down a number from you. I called my manager and told him your story. I asked him to please please do this, that you were nice, polite, and you already had most of it paid off. It’s just another month. We had SO MANY of these in stock, we’d barely notice this one still being on layaway for another month. He said yes, told me to call you back and tell you that we will extend it for another month. This was the only extension we’d be able to give but it was still something.

    I called you, told you everything. You were so happy and you started crying on the other end. You told me that you were so thankful that we were able to do this for you because you’re always on the road and you don’t get to see your daughter. To have let her down by not being able to afford the keyboard that she has been patiently waiting for was something you couldn’t bare to do.

    I almost cried while at work. I’m so happy that was able to help you, just to hear the sheer joy in your voice when I called you back. I’ve answered hundreds if not thousands of phone calls at this company sir, but I will never forget yours, nor will I ever forget this feeling. That feeling that the world is still filled with good people, working hard to make other people happy.

    It has been a long time since I really truly said I loved my job. But today, I loved my job. Thank you. For everything

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