• I can’t think of a way to insult you properly

    by  • February 16, 2015 • Bitch! • 2 Comments

    I just don’t know where to begin. You think he wants to get back with you?? You think he MISSES YOU!??? Nah, bitch. He’s moved on now and is pretty much happy with me. He only cares about his daughter now, not you. He wants to come over to see her, not you. He has contacts you to meet up with him because she’s an infant and can’t do that shit on her own. Are you fucking retarded? You honestly don’t see how this is working? You knocked yourself up without him even fucking KNOWING he was about to make a baby (had he known you were trying to conceive, you and I both know he would’ve stopped fucking you)hoping it would keep you with him through your fucked up idea of a relationship, and it didn’t fucking work. You knew he wanted out of the relationship so you tried to trap him and it backfired. But now you both have a beautiful baby girl who deserves love and happiness. YOU get to give her that on the daily, AND THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP BECAUSE BABIES ARE HARD WORK. BITCH! NO WONDER BOTH PEOPLE ARE IN ON THE PLAN OF MAKING A BABY. But he wants to help, he wants to be there as much as possible, but without dealing with you. He wants to do more for his baby than give you a child support check. He wants to teach her and play with her and feed her and all the wonderful menial things you get to do all the time that you take for granted. He wants that and YOU keep it from him. The ONE thing that would make him like you more (you allowing him time with his child), you rob him of for whatever little bullshit reason you come up with for the day.

    And worst of all, maybe something you haven’t thought of yet…
    One day your baby will ask why her dad wasn’t around as much when she was a baby, and you’ll either have to lie to her or admit that you were a spiteful, selfish bitch that didn’t allow him around because he fell out of love with you.
    You stupid cunt. I hope you never piss your daughter off to the point of suicide.

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    1. twinsoul
      February 17, 2015 at 5:27 pm

      Yikes! You come off super insecure. I hate to say it but the “Baby momma” is always going to be in his life and you’d do better to google the word co-parenting. You sound smart ish about the kid. I mean it seems you have their best interests in mind until you said “point of suicide” You really hate her that much? Wow man. Ill never understand the women hating women thing. Pshhh you need to show your man what a real woman act like……..ie…NOT this letter.

    2. understood
      March 10, 2015 at 1:57 pm

      I understand exactly where you are coming from. “Baby mommas” need to understand that allowing their kid(s) time with their dad is so, so important. I don’t think you come off insecure. I think you come off as frustrated because you are powerless to make this woman understand logic. I hope you and your bf get more time. IDK what state you are in, but a lot of courts are getting with it and making sure the dad has more time. Good luck!

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