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    So i haven’t been on here in weeks, many things has happened and many things has changed besides 1 thing which brought me back here to write about. For now i choose not to write about anyone else or anything. I by chance came across a letter called “The one who got away” and it’s exactly the way i feel and have been looking for the right words and this letter has helped me found it. Just a week or two ago i decided to give up on love, relationships and women, but ever since i couldn’t come to give a reason why but i just have a feeling i cant explain…so here it goes..

    There is this girl (w) who i love like crazy and she loved me the same way back. You know that type of love where you love everything about the other person, even the things you hate, you end up loving? You want to spend all the time you can with them. You can never get too much or get too bored. Your love just continues to grow like jack and the bean stalk that never ends. I always remembered all the smallest things about her, what she likes and what she dislikes, what makes her happy and what makes her sad. I spent nearly 1460 days (4 years) making the effort to understand her, to analyze when she’s really ok and when she’s not, to analyze what mood she is in and how to make her feel better. I love everything I got to know about her good or bad.What still hurts until this very moment is I miss having her as my best friend around regardless of our situations I miss that the most. There’s this empty place I can’t fulfill no matter what I do. I don’t think I will ever forget her. She is someone who I connected deeper with more than anyone else. I just cant find anyone who can make me feel close to that again. I now BELIEVE a Love like this can never be replaced. Iv been trying so hard to find someone to fill that empty place I have inside. I jumped from 1 girl to another but no1 can love me that way! And I give up trying because my heart wins. Iv convinced and even lied to myself others that im over it and moved on, but at the end of the day I was just fooling myself. She taught me something so beautiful, she taught me that i can become the person i am destined to become if i look to tomorrow and learn from yesterday, and for that, I Love her Immensely!

    So to you Babe I LOVE YOU and I ALWAYS and forever will… No1 will ever be able to take your place in my heart.

    I Miss you and I Always think about you at the same time you thinking about me…


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