• Our Lost

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    Dear Florida,

    I know you don’t look at stuff like this which is probably why i’m okay writing about it. I want to tell you all of this but if i do I’d put your relationship and my own at risk. So here it goes…

    I love you. I’ve loved you since the first time we got the guts to hold each others hands. Our relationship was slow. Over several years of only getting to see each other for a limited number of days we grew closer and closer. Then the one day you drove with my cousins to see me in O-Town just for an hour or 2 really rocketed us to where we are. A passionate kiss in the middle of a hotel hallway, what more could a girl ask for? What we had was a dream, you were a dream. Next thing i know we were on the road to Atlanta the following summer. I was there to see family but it mostly felt like i was there alone with you. After getting over that teenage awkwardness, you were the first guy i ever slept next to that wasn’t related to me and waking up next to you felt…right. I haven’t gotten that feeling with anyone else. Then with me going off to college and you still in high school, we couldn’t do anything about it. We said we would wait for the right time. But look at where we are now. We’re both in a relationships with other people. You live in a completely different state so i’ll never see you. I want to see you… I still dream of you. If I had the chance i’d drop anything to see you right now. But you have a girlfriend and i want you to be happy. I need you to be happy. We lost our chances and that’s on us. Keep the key because honestly it belongs to you. But I have to make this our last goodbye…

    I love you so much it hurts but please be happy with her.

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