• As time passes

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    I always hated to admit this time would come. I hated to admit that I couldn’t have exactly everything I wanted. That not everything works out.

    Unfortunately, this time means heartbreak. I fell in love with one of the most beautiful people in this world, inside and out.

    I knew he was going to become someone special when we were lying on our backs in pitch black, under flickering lights meant to illuminate your face with the most delicate reflections. At that moment I stopped thinking. My mind was completely blank in peace as I reached for his hand. The instant feel of his hand on mine gave me a thrill through my body. As time progressed we became more attracted to each other. How the other person thought about the world, the way the other person chose to live life, the passion within us. We spent afternoons in the park and late nights in his bed with long talks, listos and cerveza mixed between the two. Our conversation flowed naturally, our laughter in tandem, our kisses in perfect tempo.

    Before I could even stop myself I was in love. It wasn’t my plan. Wasn’t my intention. I have always known this would happen. Isn’t that fucked up? I’ve always wanted to fall in love with a, beautiful, driven, moral Argentinean man. I found the most loving and genuine person in the world. Someone who can make me laugh and cry all in the same minute. Someone who can literally take my breath away and make my throat close up with a few short words.

    Now here I am. Waiting for the one short week where I will try to live my entire life. I have one week. One week to capture all the security and strength I feel in his arms. I am defining my every action now by this one week I have. It is all I think about, all that gets me to wake up in the morning. And the moment that we say goodbye again, I’ve never been more scared for anything in my life. I can’t see myself continuing. I am someone who loves so deep and passionately, like you, that I can’t get on that flight knowing I will never see you again. I want you now and forever.

    Baby, I love you. From Argentina to China to the moon and one hundred times again.

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