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    Love has no boundaries, yes? no? While it may never mean so much unless it is shared, unrequited/abusive/toxic and all other nasty terms you can find.. is still love, not a good one of course but because love is just plain feeling. We are driven to act in accord to what what ‘feels’ right for us. Always.

    To me the greatest love is family and friends. You can roll in the mud, act like a complete idiot, shower them with so much and never worry if you’ll get anything back! You can fart and pick your nose in front of them and they wont care 😛 You sometimes hate them and argue but you know you’ll never say goodbye to them and they, too will never ever leave you! And well, since nobody lives forever and someone eventually dies — like an amulet you keep in your pocket, their memories will always be there to keep you safe and guide you.

    Whenever I see old couples I get completely blown away! I am sure they put in so much of themselves, without changing each other. I also know that it’s not always smooth sailing. We will never know their story in full but seeing how they grew old together is enough of a story.

    From the stage to movies; songs and poetry and so much so in real life, why is tragic love the one that we just can’t forget? Because we miss the ‘feeling!!!!’ Notice how a love affair goes sour when it makes us ‘feel’ this, ‘feel’ that. We question unions when the other person stirs up a certain ‘feeling’ opposed to what we think we deserve and what we have gotten used to. You may go about saying you are trapped, lost, feeling used, have no choice… but why are you still there??? If it is really happiness you seek, you will never find it. Happiness is a choice. A minute by minute conscious choice.

    I always viewed love as sensual, not sexual. A soulful exchange where friendship is the main focus. Some friends become lovers other lovers just become friends. I don’t think love is enough, there has to be something less fleeting as that. ‘Cause throughout the course of your relationship, looks will change; attitudes will surface; conditions will apply and both of you can get complacent and forget about the romance that was once there. When you get old, you can’t have wild sex like you used to, heck and may not even find the excitement in kissing someone who starts losing their teeth, rofl. But if you can find a person who you can have endless conversations with, someone that loves all the good and bad in you then I say, drown in that ‘feeling’ and allow it to consume you. And just as happiness is a choice, so is love. Not just to rest on feelings alone but also needs a lot of work to grow. Both people actively taking part and striving to make it work. This folks is just my take. I am no wiser than the next person. I may even be writing this as a reminder to myself.

    Love yourself but give it your all.
    Lose yourself but never lose your soul!!!!

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