• Goodbye

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    I’ve known you for 4 years, I though we were close.
    I was wrong. I told you my everything, I told you my deepest emotions, fears, aspirations, everything.
    But you kept so much from me.
    You never trusted me.

    I can’t go on.

    No matter what I do I feel you will never trust me.
    I feel I am replaceable, so you will be ok.
    You know funnier people, smarter, prettier and more trustworthy people.
    I’m not necessary.

    Why do you care if I dissapeare, you never trusted me.

    But don’t be sad.

    Don’t be sad. This is simply the beginning to a new chapter in your life. I’m afraid of what lies past death but I’m more afraid of living. I’m so tired, I cry every night for hours, force myself through every day. I can’t keep it up forever, I’m so tired.

    You will find others to fill the gap I might leave, you have others more important who mean more anyway. You have funnier friends than me to make you laugh, smarter friends to give wisdom, sillier friends to be weird with, more talented ones to draw with and stronger people to encourage you.

    I’m not necessary, I’m more trouble and pain than anyone is worth. I’m just an over emotional fuck up who tries too hard and can’t express herself properly unless it’s written.

    To help you move on, you should destroy whatever reminds you of me. Toys, presents, clothes, drawings, the book, stories, files etc. So I am completely erased from your life, as I should be.
    Take a deep breath, smile, you’re new life awaits you.

    Don’t be sad.

    Don’t cry.

    This is goodbye.

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