• Dear bunny

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    Dear bunny,

    Today. Perhaps today. I will learn to think with my brain first before acting solely with my heart.

    All I wanted was You.
    Accompanying me run little errands.

    All You did was show me how unwanted I am.
    How uncaring you have turned out to be.

    I have been denying it for months now, how you have slowly erased me from your mind, and history from your memories. How nonchalant you can be when I am not at my best. I suppose, only when I am truly in danger, or risk of having something happening to me, that you care. Perhaps out of old times / conscience x guilt.

    When I mentioned I was cold earlier, all you did was snickered at me instead of asking if I wanted the air condition to be turned down, or if i’m feeling okay.

    Everytime I leave your place, you will text me to check if i’m home safely. I always thought it was because you cared. But, today, i’m really not that certain anymore.

    Oh how you break my heart. Every single time. Without fail.
    You told me I gave you the most heartache. I’m not sure why.

    But. I’ve never experienced heartaches like this until I met you either. Yet, I still miss you and want you. I still think about you all the time. And, I still want to do every thing I can for you.

    Why do you have to be so mean and nasty to me? Is it so hard to show me some love if you still do?

    Xoxo, Kimmy.

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